Eglise Réformée Arve Mont-Blanc (back to French)
(Protestant church, member of the Eglise Réformée de France)

Welcome to our website !
we are happy to welcome you in our modest local church. Our church is mainly French speaking, but includes a community of several English spaking families all located around Chamonix. We are open to any Christian believer who wants to discover our reformed tradition.

This website is for the moment all in French but you can send a mail to our president who will direct them to some native English speakers of the local church.

The menu on the left leads you to key information (in French) about our parish : The option présentation explains details of our church. Under information you access news (our bulletin, the activity program). In informations pratiques you see how to access our churches.There are photos showing some good moments. The item réflexions contains meditations. The option liens, offers links to other french speaking protestant websites.

Have a look at our english newsletter

Pastor: Isabelle Pierron phone: (leave day: Monday)
President of the council of the church: Jean-Nicolas Bazin ( )  
Native English speaking contacts: 
Cathie Gregg Barbara Falkiner
Address of the parish: 24, passage du temple - 74400 Chamonix
Webmaster: Jean-Nicolas Bazin (fluent in english) ( )